What is benchmarking? What are the reasons for using it? How can we identify the right practices that will benefit our organization? These are all questions to be asked when comparing and measuring your company with a good practice.

Benchmarking is an approach where organizations measure and compare themselves with higher-performing organizations with the goal of identifying work processes, products, services, or strategies that will lead to improvement.

Based on our large database of potential studies and the experience of our talented staff, we strive to give you the proper consulting to achieve the most beneficial and effective results for the development of your organization.

Benchmark studies are required to see how organizations are performing compared to similar companies in your field. They can help you assess improvements to your business in relation to what others have achieved. Benchmark studies also provide a useful tool which allows improvement processes to be developed.

When applied correctly, benchmarking is a crucial tool in the vigorous development of an organization.



What are possible external factors that could happen in the future? How could these trends affect your organization? And how should you respond?

Foresight is the ability to think systematically about the future to help feed today's decision making. It is a skill that we need to develop as individuals, as organisations, and as a society.


The governance excellence system in the United Arab Emirates strives to enable government entities to achieve welfare and happiness for their citizens.

The aim is to reach new heights beyond excellence to achieve performance leadership and transform into a leading, innovative and smart government. Efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and other modern concepts are the main tools that will help in achieving good practices.